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 Fertility Edinburgh
Fertility Edinburgh can help you to transform that fearful energy into a powerful, constructive force. Unlike typical medical treatments, hypnotherapy can benefit both male and female parents-to-be. Hypnotherapy is safe, requiring no drugs or expensive equipment, can be mixed with almost any medical procedure, helping any such procedures work better! Natural fertility has come as a pleasant surprise for some patients with a diagnosis of "unexplained infertility", even when assisted methods have failed.

Be a non-smoker with Edinburgh-Stop-Smoking
It is now well documented that smoking affects fertility in both women and men. Pauline Taylor is a partner in Edinburgh-Stop-Smoking and regularly sees couples or individuals who want to stop smoking prior to embarking on their route to parenthood.

Edinburgh Hypnotherapy

Neil Robinson (partner in Edinburgh-Stop-Smoking with Pauline Taylor) has a successful clinical hypnotherapy practice seeing people with a vast variety of issues.  As part of his practice he sees men who have an erectile dysfunction problem and as long as there is no medical condition causing it then he is able to address this issue.

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Other related links

 National Society of Professional Hypnotherapists
Pauline Taylor and Neil Robinson are full members of the National Society of Professional Hypnotherapists and this site contains a wealth of information about hypnosis and hypnotherapy.


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Links to other information

The HypnoBirthing Institute in America, Founder of the HypnoBirthing Program.
The HypnoBirthing Institute in the UK
BabyCentre: the baby website to visit, packed full of useful tips and information
Doula UK, a network of doulas run by doulas
MIDIRS (Midwives Information and Resource Service)
Thinking about a homebirth? Check out this website
Evidence based Midwifery Advice and Resources.    This site also shows you how to use the Birth Ball
The Independent Midwives Association
Midwives online: Great resource site written by midwives and parents

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News Story

Health: you are feeling... pregnant?

Published on Sunday 28 November 2010

The last time I saw a hypnotist he was sticking people to chairs and encouraging them to eat raw onions in front of an audience in the student union bar. Pauline Taylor is not that kind of hypnotist.

Pauline decided to train in this discipline after her dentist used hypnosis on her to lessen discomfort and anxiety during treatment. She now uses it to help couples struggling with "unexplained infertility" one of only two hypnofertility therapists in Scotland.

According to Pauline and other practitioners of hypnotherapy, stress can be a major factor when it comes to an inability to conceive, as it can suppress the luteinizing hormone, the hormone responsible for ovulation, and prevent the implantation of a fertilised egg. Pauline claims that hypnosis for fertility has been shown to increase conception by 30 per cent and to double the rate of success of IVF treatment.

When I meet Pauline at her private practice I was struck by all the bonnie babies gummily grinning from frames in her hallway, the happy products, she tells me, of her many satisfied clients.

As I am not currently trying to conceive we agree that my session will just involve some general relaxing hypnosis designed to calm the mind, which, were I to visit her for another appointment, would set the groundwork for a deeper, more focused session. I take a seat in a comfy chair, put my feet up and relax under a warm blanket while Pauline instructs me to listen to the sound of her voice and let any other sounds wash over me.

Like many hypnosis virgins I had been expecting to "go under", whereas I actually feel completely lucid throughout. My session lasts for half an hour, during which time Pauline guides me through a top-to-toe relaxation using repetition of key words and a monotonous tone to hypnotise me. It feels similar to a guided meditation, although I am not expected to focus solely on my breathing or banish all conscious thoughts, something I've always found difficult to achieve. At the end of our session I'd be happy to just stay in my chair and take a nap, despite the fact that Pauline has "unhypnotised" me. It's not often one feels comfortable enough to take a snooze in a stranger's house in the middle of the day.

Pauline gives me a CD to listen to at home so I can achieve the same state at home, any time I need to de-stress. For clients who conceive Pauline also offers her "hypnobirthing" skills now that's what I call comprehensive after-care.




Parents' comments on classes

"It was a great experience and it really gave us both the confidence to trust in ourselves.
I couldn't think of a better way of welcoming our child."
Carmen, Edinburgh.
(First baby)

"Our hypnosis sessions really helped me to believe that I can bring myself into a very relaxed, deep state.
I believe in hypnosis for childbirth and look forward to my birthing."
Jenny, Edinburgh.
(First baby)

"Pauline is very relaxed, warm and friendly natured and inspired a lot of confidence in us. The classes were a very positive experience which dramatically reduced my fears and helped me relax through my pregnancy."
Denise, Edinburgh.
(Third Baby)

"The classes changed my very negative birth views and experience to an empowered, healing, positive experience."
Shunyata, Edinburgh.
(Second baby)


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