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"My dream is that every woman everywhere will know the joy of a truly safe, comfortable
 and satisfying birthing for herself and her baby....." - Marie F. Mongan, HypnoBirthing® founder

Client's feedback on classes

I was coming from a place of fear and am now actually looking forward to the birth. HypnoBirthing helped me make some decisions about my birth choices that I didn’t have enough belief in myself to make before I attended the classes. It has been a most empowering experience. Also it has helped Rog and I bond as a couple. We are able to feel that we are in this together – we both have a really valuable part to play. This has been a really enriching experience for him as well as me. My main focus now in my very late pregnancy has been to keep relaxed, calm and positive for my, my baby’s and my family’s wellbeing. It has helped me to feel joy rather than dread and fear. I now feel confidence in my own power and strength to deal with whatever happens through birth and motherhood. The classes have given me the full support and belief of my husband as well – we feel stronger as a couple than we have ever felt.
Leigh & Roger - 1st Baby

I was most impressed with the power of hypnosis – I felt it was important that the instructor was primarily a hypnotherapist, rather than primarily a birthing expert. I also loved seeing the birthing videos as a) I’d never actually seen a birth before and b) they were so calm and relaxed that they were an inspiration. It has completely changed my view of my forthcoming birth. Before the course I couldn’t speak about the birth without crying and now I’m almost looking forward to it.
Lesley & Nigel - 2nd Baby

HypnoBirthing is a fantastic resource for women and it helped to transform my views on birth, thus helping me to have a much more positive experience second time around.
The positive view of birth helped me to confront my fears and anxieties and provided practical tools that helped me to cope with labour. Other courses (for example NCT) claim to provide these things but the HypnoBirthing course actually delivers them. Also, Pauline’s personal commitment to helping people was most impressive.
Fiona & Stephen - 2nd Baby

The atmosphere was lovely in each class, Pauline made it very easy to talk and would give time for conversations to take place within the session. It always had a good sense of fun about it. It was nice to have the opportunity to meet other couples. Always left the class feeling positive and looking forward to the birth of my baby. HypnoBirthing is a brilliant way for a couple to come together in the pregnancy. Installing positive feelings daily about the impending birth and giving the birth partner a very positive and important role. I would recommend this technique to anyone as the classes have been very enjoyable.
Jill & Johnathan - 1st Baby

Pauline’s supportive and enthusiastic manner and confidence in Hypnobirthing was infectious. Pauline made it easy for us to discuss all our concerns and ask questions and dealt with these in a relaxed and non-judgmental way. I definitely feel more confident about birthing my baby than I would have done otherwise. I found the birth DVDs very helpful in preparing me for what labour will be like, and in providing reassurance that it IS possible to have a happy and manageable birth. The theory behind HypnoBirthing is so logical, and the practical tips I’ve learned are already paying dividends.
Jennifer & John - 1st Baby

I was most impressed with the balanced content of the course; the way it looks at both the physiology of birth as well as the relaxation techniques involved in HypnoBirthing. We are currently doing an NCT ante-natal course as well as NHS classes, and have found HypnoBirthing to be the most useful, informative and supportive of the three.
HypnoBirthing is an excellent course. Overall, I am very impressed with the course and the content and am sure that it will prove invaluable during our birth. I am particularly impressed with Pauline Taylor our tutor who is well-informed, balanced and extremely positive. She has an incredible ability to fill you with enthusiasm and motivation. Her belief in what she does is contagious, so much so that I have been looking into HypnoBirthing training myself!
Jane & Tim - 1st Baby Click for full birth story

Although I was a bit unsure of watching the birth videos at the start, on reflection, I feel these have been really fundamental in helping me to see that you can approach birth calmly. I think of these women often, and it is so important to have these images in your head to replace the quite negative popular conception of birth. I particularly like the phrase “labour of love” to summarise the birthing experience.
My confidence in normal birthing has improved 100% and I feel confident about using the hypno techniques. Before doing the course I was ready to have an epidural if it got too much and now I am much more confident that I won’t need it.
Claire & Rob - 1st Baby

IMy partner was made to feel very much a part of the birthing process, and now has the knowledge and confidence to ensure things happen they way we want them to. HypnoBirthing is the beginning of a movement to bring parents back to what having a baby is all about, which should be joy and excitement, not pain and fear. Hypnobirthing gives women and their partners the knowledge, tools and courage to create a positive environment in which to start their family in.
Kimberlie & Ned - 1st Baby

The course made such a difference to my confidence. I began by feeling helpless and feeble and now I feel that together we have the tools to handle whatever may happen during labour. As a couple, we seem to have grown closer. I have complete faith that my partner will be able to support me during labour, because like me, he has a greater understanding and appreciation of the natural process of birth.
Erika & Matt - 1st Baby

Pauline’s enthusiasm, confidence and knowledge about the natural birthing process helped me to believe in a positive natural birth. It has been extremely helpful in calming my worries about the birth, has greatly increased my confidence (now going for a home birth!) and I now look forward to giving birth, whereas before I was avoiding thinking about it altogether.
Wendy & Gary - 1st Baby

The birthing videos were amazing and have really given me the ‘proof’ that I needed to know this will work for me.
Pauline trained us to use our own minds (for the hypnosis) and breathing techniques, in such a short space of time - which was excellent. And she then gave us the confidence in using these techniques by making it all relative to what we may experience here in Edinburgh. Pauline made such a welcoming environment, it helped to grow our confidence so quickly and really put all our effort into learning the hypnosis techniques. It’s given me the confidence to make choices - so I’ll now be going for a home birth (which I wouldn’t have considered beforehand).
I’ve also started feeling much more relaxed since practicing HypnoBirthing - it’s really helping me to get through some very (otherwise) stressful weeks at work.
Julie & Sander 1st Baby

The mix of positivism and focus on best birthing experience along with reading/watching actual experiences of real ‘hypnobirthing’ couples meant we always left the class feeling what we wanted was achievable and enthusiastic about our own forthcoming birthing experience. The materials were also a very good mix covering all learning styles and encouraging us to put up the affirmations and birthing positions has been extremely useful in helping us maintain a positive approach.
HypnoBirthing is a fantastic philosophy for both parents and the baby and encourages focus on the baby before birth with emphasis on relaxation and positive thinking which can only lead to a better birthing experience.
Kerry & Chris - 1st Baby

I feel HypnoBirthing is the beginning of a movement to bring parents back to what having a baby is all about, which should be joy and excitement, not pain and fear. HypnoBirthing gives women and their partners the knowledge, tools and courage to create a positive environment in which to start their family in. I am most impressed that my partner was made to feel very much a part of the birthing process, and now has the knowledge and confidence to ensure things happen the way we want them to.
Kirstie & Nathan - 1st Baby

I really liked the HypnoBirthing course. I like that the course supports positive natural birthing and provides you with practical techniques to make this achievable. I also liked that partners are very much encouraged to participate in the experience which has definitely given my partner much more confidence. I was most impressed with the video footage of the births which really helped illustrate how calm birthing can be. I was also really impressed with Pauline’s positive and enthusiastic attitude toward trusting your body enough to allow it to do what it has been designed for. The fact that she managed to convince my partner of the benefits of relaxation was wonderful.
Leigh & Alasdair - 1st Baby

HypnoBirthing is brilliant. The course content is excellent. Learning a birthing method that has hopefully given us the techniques to achieve a gentle birth for our baby. The material not only covers the visualizing and relaxation techniques but also gives information on birthing as a whole. Very informative and aspiring. The involvement of the fathers is a major plus factor and has given my husband the confidence to be in the room when I give birth. I am confident that he will be an excellent birthing companion. I would recommend this course to any women that is pregnant, even before having my baby.
Liz & Jamie - 1st Baby

HypnoBirthing is an excellent course and an amazingly powerful concept. We both feel this was a thoroughly positive experience and will be of real benefit to us. I was most impressed with Pauline’s enthusiasm and knowledge of HypnoBirthing, her welcoming and positive attitude, and her commitment to helping us achieve the best possible birth outcome.
Susan & Gareth - 1st Baby

I guess I had not anticipated that the programme would offer as much guidance on childbirth and would focus more on hypnosis. I found that the information was really useful and fit perfectly with the different guidance I had on natural childbirth, which gave me confidence in this being a programme designed to support parents in the choices that were right for them. I wish the importance of relaxing, learning how to relax, and the different ways to assist this, was taught in all ante-natal classes – I wish all parents to be could have the opportunity that this type of programme offers, to really explore their own and each other's feelings. I feel that we became closer as a couple in relation to the birth preparation and feel more confident in how we will approach this together. In particular the connection between fear- tension and the impact this has on the body – as well as looking at our natural instinct/reaction to the hospital environment. In my opinion it is invaluable for parents to be informed about the research of the impact these emotions can have on hindering a natural, comfortable birth and increasing medical intervention.
Anna & Neil - 1st Baby

HypnoBirthing is a powerful tool giving women the strength to find their confidence and power. Aside from the actual birth, I also feel that HypnoBirthing can ensure that a pregnancy is relaxed and focused, something that perhaps isn’t always so easy to achieve.
Emma & Alan - 1st baby

I was most impressed with seeing HypnoBirthing being used in the videos, seeing that it actually works. Learning the relaxation techniques, the ease with which you can enter a state of relaxation and how well and relaxed you feel afterwards. We will recommend HypnoBirthing to other expectant couples. We both wish that we had attended these classes before the birth of our first child Finlay. The class also gave us a great deal of confidence and allowed us to focus on the joy of childbirth. After a previous emergency c-section under general anaesthetic I was quite nervous about my next labour but the classes really made me look forward to the birth of our next child.
Susan & Michael - 2nd Baby

Extracts from Birth Stories

Extract: Thomas
He is such a calm baby--no fuss from our wee little man. I felt great afterward and didn't need any drugs during labour or afterward. To be honest it didn't even occur to me to ask for them during my birthing time. I feel so blessed to have been able to enjoy the complete experience of birthing my child naturally and drug free!
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Extract: Nigel
On the whole I would say that although nothing went to plan, I had a pretty good time. I feel the Hypnobirthing course really helped me keep calm during labour, but, most importantly I felt very close to Dave and he was so calm and reassuring the whole time – I think that was the biggest help for me.
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Extract: Mary
I decided to try Hypnobirthing as I was terrified of childbirth. I was even in tears just thinking about it. I had heard all the stories of my friends experiences and absolutely dreaded it. One friend, however, recommended Hypnobirthing and I thought I have nothing to lose from trying this.
I can’t thank her or Pauline enough as I believe if I hadn’t taken this course the outcomes could have been very different. I had the most wonderful experience and would recommend it to anyone who feels uncertain about childbirth. It gave me the confidence that I could get through it and the techniques to keep in control.
I wished for a 7 hour labour, a water birth and no drugs – just counting the time in hospital I got what I wished for and would do it all over again.
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Extract: Gwen
All in all it was a fantastic experience. The HypnoBirthing philosophy was great for the first 36 hours and the final 3 hours (not sure if anything could help combat sleep deprivation). We feel it was a great bonding "tool" for us all as well.
So, thank you very much for all your energy and assistance.
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Extract: Megan
I would strongly recommend HypnoBirthing to all mum’s to be. I was a prime example of someone who feared birth but with the help of the course I feel proud of what my partner and I achieved… A happy healthy HypnoBabe!
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Extract: Martha
Martha will be 6 weeks old tomorrow and is doing really well, she is a very relaxed, laid back little girl and she sleeps a lot.
Thank-you so much for the classes, I believe they really were the reason I got the birth experience I wanted and I wish we'd known about Hypnobirthing before our first baby was born. We'll definitely be recommending Hypnobirthing to other couples!
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Extract: Stephen
Everything had gone very smoothly and well and the midwives told us the birth was “text book”. We’re convinced that the hypnobirthing techniques allowed us to stay relaxed and calm which led to a very straight-forward and easy birth.
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Extract: Cara
. . . . .thankfully a friend introduced me to Hypnobirthing and I embraced it wholeheartedly. It allowed me to let go of my fears, bond with my unborn child and relax and enjoy my pregnancy. . . . . . . . . . . She was and continues to be a blessing, she is the most contented and easiest of my children, definitely a Hypnobabe.
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Extract: Chiron
I cannot thank Pauline enough for giving myself and Chris the gift of a wonderful, empowering, spiritual birth. I think these classes should be made available on the NHS so that every woman has the opportunity to experience a good birth whether it be at home or in a hospital.
I hear only negative stories from friends about the birth of their children and it seems to be accepted as the norm.
Everyone comments on how special Chiron is and what a wonderful temperament he has and although I shouldn't compare him to other babies I can't help it and it does seem to be true. He's a wee HypnoBabe.
If you are reading this you are going to have a Hypno-birth...Yeah!!!!
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Extract: Zoe
Zoe is a really chilled out baby that can sleep through anything. If I were to do it all again, I would definitely go for another home birth, as it was so special to have her at home. The HypnoBirthing gave us so much confidence that everything would be fine, and it was, just like I knew it would be. I felt that I listened to my body, was in control the whole time, and gave our daughter the best start to life we could.
A big thank you for all your help Pauline! Zoe’s birth was the best day of my life!
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Extract: Abby
I definitely think the relaxation and breathing techniques helped enormously during the entire labour and allowed me to have a very positive experience. I was very apprehensive about the labour before doing the hypnobirthing course but what I learned allowed us to have a really unique experience.
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Extract: Daniel
The midwife, Lorraine, was great – she really just left me to it and didn’t interfere. She was very impressed with the birth and asked where I’d learned how to do it! The other staff I met at Simpson’s were all lovely too.
the whole experience was amazing. I am so proud of myself for having a completely natural birth, not even having any gas and air (I didn’t get anywhere near needing it). Afterwards one of the lines from the Father’s Script kept going round in my head – ‘I knew I could do it and I did!’
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Extract: Naomi
We were delighted to have been successful in having a home birth the second time around and that it was a short labour with a water birth as we had hoped. Hypnobirthing is not all about what happens on the day. The significant preparation and practice leading up to the birth was really helpful in that we were very ready for the birth. Indeed it was the Hypnobirthing class and home practice that gave us the confidence to try again for a homebirth and to use a birthing pool. We had banished a number of demons from our first birth and were able to believe again that an intervention and drug-free birth was do-able.
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Parents' comments on classes

"It was a great experience and it really gave us both the confidence to trust in ourselves.
I couldn't think of a better way of welcoming our child."
Carmen, Edinburgh.
(First baby)

"Our hypnosis sessions really helped me to believe that I can bring myself into a very relaxed, deep state.
I believe in hypnosis for childbirth and look forward to my birthing."
Jenny, Edinburgh.
(First baby)

"Pauline is very relaxed, warm and friendly natured and inspired a lot of confidence in us. The classes were a very positive experience which dramatically reduced my fears and helped me relax through my pregnancy."
Denise, Edinburgh.
(Third Baby)

"The classes changed my very negative birth views and experience to an empowered, healing, positive experience."
Shunyata, Edinburgh.
(Second baby)


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