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Course Content

HypnoBirthing Edinburgh provides pregnant couples with HypnoBirthing courses teaching them how to have a relaxing and easier birth. Dads-to-be are given a vital role in this making it more of a team-effort.

This enjoyable and informative course will thoroughly prepare you psychologically and physically for having the best possible experience of childbirth. You will be given exercises to practise together with your birthing partner and also on your own.
Groups are kept small enough (maximum 3 couples) to ensure that individual needs are fully satisfied and that techniques are mastered so that you leave feeling confident in your ability to give birth using Hypnobirthing.

Some of what you will learn:

• Special breathing techniques for relaxation and childbirth.
• A range of relaxation techniques for a more comfortable birth.
• How it is possible for you to have a quick and easy birth.
• Different ways of bonding with your unborn baby.
• Many visualisations to enable you to work confidently with your body.
• Massage techniques to release endorphins.
• Fear release methods to overcome concerns about giving birth and parenting.
• Skills to build confidence and calm, so you can look forward to the birth.
• Birthing affirmations and much more…….

Key Benefits:

• A special, integral role for the Birthing Partner .
• Shortens the first stage of labour by several hours.
• Reduces risk of hyperventilation from 'shallow' breathing methods.
• Alleviate fatigue during labour, leaving you with energy for the actual birth.
• A calm, peaceful and secure birth experience rather than a tense, stressful ordeal.
• Eliminates or greatly reduces the need for chemical painkillers.
• Fewer breech positions and other complications.
• Easier resolution in the event of a complication.
• A more relaxed and enjoyable pregnancy.
• Promotes bonding of mother, baby and birthing partner.
• Good-natured babies who are better sleepers and eaters.
• More rapid postnatal recovery.
• Returns childbirth to the beautiful, peaceful experience that nature intended.

Extract: Mary
I decided to try Hypnobirthing as I was terrified of childbirth. I was even in tears just thinking about it. I had heard all the stories of my friends experiences and absolutely dreaded it. One friend, however, recommended Hypnobirthing and I thought I have nothing to lose from trying this.
I can’t thank her or Pauline enough as I believe if I hadn’t taken this course the outcomes could have been very different. I had the most wonderful experience and would recommend it to anyone who feels uncertain about childbirth. It gave me the confidence that I could get through it and the techniques to keep in control.
I wished for a 7 hour labour, a water birth and no drugs – just counting the time in hospital I got what I wished for and would do it all over again.
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This practitioner is affiliated with the HypnoBirthing Institute and is currently certified and authorised to teach the complete HypnoBirthing Program.

HypnoBirthing - The Mongan Method



Parents' comments on classes

"It was a great experience and it really gave us both the confidence to trust in ourselves.
I couldn't think of a better way of welcoming our child."
Carmen, Edinburgh.
(First baby)

"Our hypnosis sessions really helped me to believe that I can bring myself into a very relaxed, deep state.
I believe in hypnosis for childbirth and look forward to my birthing."
Jenny, Edinburgh.
(First baby)

"Pauline is very relaxed, warm and friendly natured and inspired a lot of confidence in us. The classes were a very positive experience which dramatically reduced my fears and helped me relax through my pregnancy."
Denise, Edinburgh.
(Third Baby)

"The classes changed my very negative birth views and experience to an empowered, healing, positive experience."
Shunyata, Edinburgh.
(Second baby)


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